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Sell Your Startup

First off: I’m a massive believer in growing one’s own ideas and it would thus be a very hard decision for me to ever even consider selling one of my companies. We had concrete interest in WooThemes in the past for example, but to this day

Bad Incubator

Incubator promises money to startup, startup moves to incubator, incubator can’t deliver on funding promises and startup left to pick up the pieces. Too harsh.

DHH Inspiration

Can’t believe I only had the time to watch this now. So superbly inspirational!

Startups Anyone?

I’ll be starting up a new, boutique angel investment / venture capital firm called iincubate (see radiiate’s site for a bit more detail) and was wondering whether any of you had any startups that needed funding? :) Note: As many of you have asked… At this stage,