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Creating Value

After reading this article about Airbnb’s success [], there was one bit from the article that really got me thinking: > “…a company that creates immensely more value than it extracts from customers…” Reading & re-reading that phrase really got me thinking about how other business models

Startup Quote


> Scatter-gun approach rarely works, as you’re only splitting your ideas and energy. - Adii Pienaar I’m following in Mark’s footsteps [] now; hopefully though one day when I’m famous, the media won’t reference this funky-looking photo of me.

Running a startup is great; Growing a business is boring

Enjoyed this post, as it describes closely how I see myself as well in terms of loving startup life so much that I’m keen to do new, cool stuff going forward. For now though, I’m ecstatic at the journey that WooThemes is affording me! :)

Lessons Learnt from WooThemes

Here are some teasers of my slides for my talk - Lessons Learnt from WooThemes - at NetProphet [] on Thursday.

Reddit for Startups

Never been a fan of Reddit, but I can see myself using this now.