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V1 Release, 24 Hours & 7000+ Users

24 hours after yesterday's V1 release of our new product, WooDojo, [] and we have more than 7000 users already. I wanted to share some insight into how we managed to achieve this... Not only was this a major victory for the team [http:

The Value of Customer Testimonials

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth marketing represents a significant competitive & business value. Such is this value that word-of-mouth & viral marketing has almost become an exact science in recent years. Customer testimonials forms a big part of such a marketing strategy and this evidenced by almost every online product / service's homepage where

Building Experiences

I published a complete overview tour of the new WooThemes dashboard experience [] earlier today, and since this project has been my little baby (more like a ten ton gorilla, but let's leave it at that), I wanted to share some of the thoughts

"Set & Forget" Features

I got an e-mail notification this morning from Kiva [] to let me know that my account had automatically sent out the balance to a new loan. Usually I just archive these notifications immediately, but this morning it reminded me how much I actually loved this feature.

Knocking on Doors

I believe that one of the biggest reasons that I've been successful at a relatively young age as an entrepreneur, has been my determination in simply knocking on as many doors as possible, until someone actually opens the door. Gary Vaynerchuck would call this "hustling your face off" and that's

Where's The Premium Plugins?

Following up on my post from yesterday [], I've been thinking quite a bit about the lack of premium plugins that are available for WordPress. Compared to the revelation & success that premium themes have been, I would've imagined that there'd be more premium plugins available.

WordPress + SaaS

Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about revenue / business models related to WordPress (especially after my post about stagnation and a lack of innovation in the WP community [] ). On an evaluation of the different models out there, I've made it my personal

The Copycat Stagnation

The WordPress ecosystem is rife with copycats and we're severely lacking a couple of unique ideas. Due to the popularity of WordPress and the obvious success that designers / developers and businesses have experienced in recent years, many more are flocking to the platform to make a quick buck. Which would've

The Challenges of The Business Guy

I'm the "business" guy / co-founder over at WooThemes. Our business has 3 co-founders and over the years all 3 of us have evolved our roles to focus on the specific parts of the business of which we're most passionate about. When we started the company, we were bootstrapping and as

9 Ways To Disrupt And "Hipmunk" An Industry

A couple of quotes from this which I loved... > Some things are just a pain and never ever change. The industries that can be hipmunked are ones that you repeatedly ask yourself "Why hasn't anyone made this better?"One of the best ways to make a product enjoyable and easy