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Ignoring Your Competition

I've never been a big believer in following what the competition is doing or trying to be first to market [] and Mike's comment just sums my thoughts up perfectly. :) Read Mike's whole article [] though; definitely


WooThemes [] is a predominately B2B business. We sell products to people that use them in their own businesses or for their personal projects; most of which has a direct or indirect focus on generating a financial return of some kind. So whilst we have a pretty diverse

Un-Manage Your Employees

I so believe in this mantra, yet to execute & implement that in exactly the way DHH advocates is something which I fear only 37Signals [] can do. If you're a fan of their business philosophies, you'll know that there are many of those philosophies that just seem unattainable

When to hire?

This is the strategy that we've followed at WooThemes with regards to growing our team organically.

Time, Priorities & Low-hanging Fruit

I had a meeting with friends - Iaan [!/iaanvn] & Christine [!/cmeintjes] - this afternoon about where they're going with some of their projects in 2011 and found myself repeating some advice to them that I've been implementing myself recently. Here's the problem we all

Becoming a Team of Individual Specialists

The first in a new series of posts that will aim to share the lessons we have learned from running and building WooThemes in the last 3 years. One of our biggest successes have been in building an incredible team. We're only 9 team members, yet we serve a community

A Better Mousetrap

Haha, I had to laugh at this, but only because it’s both funny and true. See, the world is only willing to reward innovation if they know about it and if they get a sense that the masses will do the same. People (in the context of society / groups)


In this post [] Fred Wilson goes on to explain that a company should first scale & gather traction on seed funding before it goes after venture round funding. Whilst WooThemes has never taken any outside funding (we’ve bootstrapped from the

Apple's Success

Deciding on a strategy (irrespective of the complexity) is extremely hard. Sticking to it with “unwavering dedication” is even harder - especially when the going gets tough. See, in the good times, it’s pretty easy to sit back and be content with one’s existing strategy, because there’s