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Celebrating A Team

Delegation isn't something that comes easy for me. But as such things go, running a team of 23 talented individuals [] means that you either sink or delegate (swim). So delegation has been an evolving skill for me in recent years; one that I

The Mothership is broken. And you can't fix it.

WooThemes has become a Mothership. A team of almost 20, more than 150 000 users and revenues / profits that most business owners would approve of. This is fantastic of course until the engine breaks, because I'm not necessarily able to fix the engine and neither are my co-founders. See -

Challenging Authority

I absolutely love this attitude, especially because I too enjoy working with people that are smarter than I am [].

The Velocity (and Scale) of a Team

Scaling any company's staff / team is probably one of the hardest things that any business owner needs to do. I think this has become even more difficult & complicated recently, since it is really difficult to find quality, technical skills that are still affordable. As an example... At Woo, we recently

Work With People Better Than Yourself

I'm limited. My skills are finite. Regardless of how many new things I learn, my skills set is not limitless. This obviously means that there is only a limited number of things in my life that I will be truly good at. Some skills I may be able to enhance

Team Building & (Energy) Beers

I'm writing this post whilst on a train to London (back from Newcastle, where the WooThemes team attended DIBI []) to catch a flight back home after a week-long UK-trip with the whole WooTeam []. This was the first ever time that

Equity Distribution in Startups

It is not often that I read something online and find myself agreeing to every single opinion / statement. The quote above is just a small piece of an awesome statement by Joel Spolsky on how ownership & equity should be split amongst co-founders in a startup. I started Premium News Themes

More Community

We've just hired [] our 10th member of the WooTeam: Ryan Ray [] who will be our new Community Manager. For me, this has been a natural progression of having a community that now exceeds 45k registered users and also reinforces


I absolute love the new Smiley [] campaign that 37Signals has implemented to track (and publicize) their customer satisfaction. Absolutely genuis! In a recent article [], they also share some insight into the data that they aren't publishing and the analysis makes

Ignoring Your Competition

I've never been a big believer in following what the competition is doing or trying to be first to market [] and Mike's comment just sums my thoughts up perfectly. :) Read Mike's whole article [] though; definitely