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Tumblr -> WordPress

As most of you know, I made the switch from WordPress to Tumblr and then back to WordPress last year. The second migration back to WordPress being a relatively painful & manual-date-entry experience. If I had waited a couple of months, that would've been so much easier... WooThemes launched our

Back on WordPress

The Tumblr experiment is over & I'm officially back on WordPress. Heck, I couldn't be the co-founder of one of the largest WordPress theming companies online & not take advantage of all the cool stuff we've been building lately... This is my new setup: WordPress (exported my data via this

Beautiful WooTumblr

All of WooThemes’ beautiful Tumblr themes now available for only $9. But only if you’re a WooThemes member… :)

Tumblr: Justified

So yesterday I had the opportunity of meeting up with the Tumblr crew and beyond being an awesome bunch of people, I also got some insight into the company / platform / community that they are busy building. When I moved over to Tumblr in March, I had a few “concerns&

Tumbling Snippets

This is the latest Tumblr theme from the WooThemes guys. Check it out! And btw… More themes here.


New premium themes for Tumblr. WooThemes has designed a few; 3 available at the moment, with more coming soon. At only $19 bucks for some exclusivity and a more unique design, they’re a steal.

Tumblr Mindshift

Just two months ago, I contemplated moving my blog (which is now powered by WP) to Tumblr and I decided against it. Today however, I’m sporting a new look (courtesy of a new premium Tumblr theme by WooThemes) and I’m hell-bend on properly trialing the platform