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"Set & Forget" Features

I got an e-mail notification this morning from Kiva [] to let me know that my account had automatically sent out the balance to a new loan. Usually I just archive these notifications immediately, but this morning it reminded me how much I actually loved this feature.


Some more great content right up the alley [] which I’ve been researching of late.

Contrasting Experiences as a Customer

I recently had two distinctly different experiences as a customer with two brands / companies that I interact with quite often. In both cases, I had a really bad experience in the customer service that we (@Jeanne_Vos [] & I) got and suffice to say, wasn’t

DIBI Slide

Above is one of my slides from my talk titled “The Designer Startup” at DIBI [] last week. I’ve also uploaded my whole presentation on Slideshare [] if you wanted to take a peek and @gavinelliott [] has promised