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Building Experiences

I published a complete overview tour of the new WooThemes dashboard experience [] earlier today, and since this project has been my little baby (more like a ten ton gorilla, but let's leave it at that), I wanted to share some of the thoughts

Why We Bootstrapped WooThemes

Obvious answer: we had no money and probably didn't know enough or think far enough to consider outside funding (not that I think we would've gotten it had we look for it). But seeing this post - Ten Highly Successful Bootstrapped Startups [

The Weight of a Title

I don't really believe in titles within company context much and to this extent we've avoided using titles over at WooThemes [] . But I recently realized that sometimes a title of sorts does become valuable. In the last couple of weeks, I've been speaking to

Growing Up: 4 Years & 7 Important Lessons

In the last couple of days - more so than ever before - I just realized again how much I've grown up as a person, entrepreneur and also as the co-founder of  WooThemes (where we're releasing our 100th theme tomorrow []). This brings about

Failing Fast & Failing Publicly

On Monday we launched a brand-new user dashboard at WooThemes [] (which felt like suicide [] at the time) and it's not been without the expected launch bugs []. I've learnt in the

Committing Startup Suicide?

I'm typing this as WooThemes prepares to roll out on of our biggest projects to date and I can't help to remind myself of all of the articles that suggests rewriting one's code is like committing startup suicide [–-rewriting-the-code/] (more here [http://venturebeat.


I hate feeling like things are in limbo; especially in business. I guess this is a natural consequence of the fact that I'm not the most patient guy you're likely to ever meet. At the moment, it feels like we're working on 4 / 5 of the biggest projects ever at

Most Customers Don't Give 2nd Chances

I recently ran an extensive user survey at WooThemes to get some validation for ideas that we were toying with for a new marketing strategy. One of the aims of the new strategy is to increase customer lifetime value (and related metrics such as user engagement & user retention), and so

Am I being irrational?

I'd like to share a recent exchange I had with a customer: 1. Customer notes to us that he is struggling to achieve something with our product. 2. We explain that this is currently a limitation, but immediately update & release a new version of the product to help the customer

Work With People Better Than Yourself

I'm limited. My skills are finite. Regardless of how many new things I learn, my skills set is not limitless. This obviously means that there is only a limited number of things in my life that I will be truly good at. Some skills I may be able to enhance