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The WordPress Ecosystem

I gave this talk at last week's WordCamp Cape Town [] and thought that I'd post some of the details here (a video of my talk should be up soon). As an introduction to my talk... I've been making money with WordPress for many years now

Theme Features vs Usability & User Experience

In the WordPress world, there's been a trend of simply bundling as many features and as much functionality into a single theme as possible. Because more features equals more sales. Neither right or wrong... I believe - and this is something we try implement at WooThemes - that there is

Where's The Premium Plugins?

Following up on my post from yesterday [], I've been thinking quite a bit about the lack of premium plugins that are available for WordPress. Compared to the revelation & success that premium themes have been, I would've imagined that there'd be more premium plugins available.

WordPress + SaaS

Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking about revenue / business models related to WordPress (especially after my post about stagnation and a lack of innovation in the WP community [] ). On an evaluation of the different models out there, I've made it my personal

The Copycat Stagnation

The WordPress ecosystem is rife with copycats and we're severely lacking a couple of unique ideas. Due to the popularity of WordPress and the obvious success that designers / developers and businesses have experienced in recent years, many more are flocking to the platform to make a quick buck. Which would've

Platform Agnostic

I've used a couple of CMS platforms in my life and I think that they are all great in their own way. Heck, I've even tried to build a business [] supporting multiple platforms. I believe that the platform doesn't really matter and that every user should pick

Tumblr -> WordPress

As most of you know, I made the switch from WordPress to Tumblr and then back to WordPress [] last year. The second migration back to WordPress being a relatively painful & manual-date-entry experience. If I had waited a couple of months, that would've been so

Crash Test (Woo) Dummy

You'll see that this is the 3rd design that I'm featuring here in the last couple of weeks and it's only significant, because they've all been WooThemes (currently running Crisp []). I fully intend on having the Radiiate team create something custom & awesome for

Back on WordPress

The Tumblr experiment [] is over & I'm officially back on WordPress. Heck, I couldn't be the co-founder of one of the largest WordPress theming companies [] online & not take advantage of all the cool stuff we've been building lately... This is my new