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Solving Problems the WooThemes Way

I was a guest on the WordPress Community Podcast [] last night and had a lot of fun with the show’s hosts, Joost de Valk & Frederick Townes. We discussed a lot of the strategies & “policies” that we have implemented with WooThemes; especially with

Life After My Day Job… How I Monetized My Passion

I loved reading @jschuller []’s about his journey from a full-time job to being self-employed. I remember watching with keen interest when he started out in the WordPress community and it’s been a blast seeing the awesome stuff that he has been releasing. What’s

Adding Up Basic Maths

Quite enjoyed Khoi’s candid & transparent review of how well Basic Maths has sold thus far, as there is not a lot of this type of data going around. I also particularly liked his opinion on this: > But themes don’t move that strongly, or at least this one doesn’