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Reliving The First Dollar

Yesterday I was involved in the launch of Lunchbox, a startup that I have invested in and have high hopes for.

Prior to launch, Lunchbox had signed up about 3000 interested and beta users, which gave us a nice, initial channel to look for our first paid signup. So the Lunchbox team pulled the trigger, made the site live and we proceeded to anxiously wait for that first sale & the first Dollar of revenue.

The wait lasted for 63 minutes before Lunchbox made its first sale and during that wait, I was reminded how exhilarating, fun and stressful the launch of a new startup is.

Experiencing those emotions over again, made me reminisce about the very first Dollar that WooThemes made all those years ago. And whilst we've made lots of money since, that first sale & first Dollar will always stand out as the tipping point of great things to come.

It is for this very reason that I plan to continue my involvement with startups indefinitely and why I will also eventually do my own Startup #2, #3 & #10. The lure & absolute exhilaration of that first Dollar being generated by a new idea is simply too big too resist.

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