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The Not-So-Happy Start to 2011

Ever since starting The Rockstar Foundation at the back end of 2009, it's been quite a bit of a struggle to get to sustainability. Whilst we're doing great work (and the two girls we are funding / helping at the moment are absolutely flourishing), it's been hard to find the time to invest in the growth of the Foundation (or the funds to hire someone to help out).

My wife, Jeanne (who wrote her first blog post - linked above - as the new project coordinator for the Foundation), has joined the team and this will help with capacity (her main focus being her own legal practice though). My time is obviously dedicated to WooThemes, along with Radiiate, so there's not much free time there...

I've got a couple of thoughts / ideas on why it has been quite hard to get a sustainable and steady flow of donations going via our website (considering just my audience, I would've hoped that this would be possible) and I hope to share some of these thoughts soon. In the meantime though, if you're in any what way intrigued by the work we're doing, please consider a contribution. :)

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