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Family man, seeker and learner. Revealing my inner-poet. 2X Founder: Conversio (acquired by Campaign Monitor) + WooCommerce (acquired by Automattic). Ex-Rockstar.

Tough Transitions

Little boys with sunshine in their giggles
are being mistaken for men
because their bodies were built like those of

- Upile Chisala (soft magic.)

You likely found me during phases of bravado when building WooThemes / WooCommerce or now Conversio. In times where I was sharing my journey of being an entrepreneur, growing those businesses and was my words were optimistic, ambitious and narrowly focused on these endeavours.

Today, it feels much harder to write for you.

Mostly because I think you know me in another way - in that past tense - and expect different things from me still.

I get that. Even if it is only half-true, I do understand: just because I have moved and changed, it doesn’t mean your needs are different now.

But I have changed enough that - in this moment - I want to say other things in a new way. Things that are prevalent in my world. Things that have guided me recently. Not for the sake of being different either; I am still just sharing my journey.

What is hard is that I want my words to matter still. I want it to resonate. I want you to find value; even if it sometimes means I only provoke and you lash out in anger. (If that leads to something constructive, then both of us have made progress in some way.)

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