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Vienna & Traveling Alone

Late last year I had the privilege of speaking at SchnitzelConf (the best conference I ever attended, by far) in Vienna and since it was so close to my wedding (3 weeks before), Jeanne didn't travel with me. At that stage, I had already traveled to the UK & the States in only a couple of months, so I figured I'd just go to Vienna on my own.

I was however completely unaware of how challenging a foreign country could be when traveling on your own...

The photo is of the Natural History Museum where SchnitzelConf was held and this was the best photo I took for the 3 days I was in Vienna (heck, I only took about 50 photos in 3 days, which is not a lot compared to other trips I've been on). The weather was admittedly shitty, so walking around with the camera around my shoulder wasn't ideal, but beyond that the language barrier (speaking to people is one thing, trying to read signs is a whole different challenge) and the fact that I was alone meant that I didn't explore as much as I would've otherwise.

Vienna is a beautiful city and the food was amazing. Bummed I could only go for 3 days and bummed that I was alone. Definitely a city I'd love to visit again in future.

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