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What's the meaning of life?

Whenever someone rhetorically asks "What's the meaning of life?", I have a wry smile, because it always seems like such a loaded, unanswerable question.<...>

Yet when I look at my life, I've always had a very clear tactic for answering that question: I've used the work I do as a way to find purpose and meaning in my life. Whilst this has not been totally misguided, I get the sense that I attached a little too much weight to the purpose and meaning I was really deriving from my work alone.

In fact, today I feel that it would be a gross understatement of my own value or worth if I reduced my purpose in life down to only relate to the work I do. Instead I'm taking a little more holistic approach to answering this question. And I'm even okay with not having a definitive answer either.

As a modern society, do we perhaps try engineer too much purpose and meaning from the work we do or the things we produce and create? I definitely think so.

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